Joyhuglee Handmade Soap — Balsam Blumea 《for Pregnant Women and New Born Baby》


Especially made for new mothers, pregnant women and babies 👶

The founder of Joyhuglee handmade soaps didn’t know about Sambong soap until she started living in Hakka Village. In the past, when a new baby was expected, the grandmother would pick the sambong and dry it under the sun. During the confinement month, she would boil it and wipe the mother’s body for cleansing purposes. It just happens that there is sambong in the partner of the Bamboo Dragonfly Green Bazaar ~ Ovensaki Parent-Child Ecological Farm, which is a great thing! Undoubtedly, it’s a must to choose a non-toxic and agricultural friendly source for post-natal women and babies.

Usually, it’s very hard for modern women to not take any shower during their confinement month. This soap is specially designed for post-natal ladies and it can be used on babies too. (Little babies generally does not require soap for a shower. If you still need to use it, then the adult should rub the soap on his hand until there’s foam, then apply it on the baby’s body. Avoid the foam to get into contact with the eyes. )

Since the soap is intended for new mothers and babies with sensitive skin, this soap is made with Sambong, wormwood and ginger juice to replace purified water, without adding any essential oils. There is thus no aroma in the soap itself, just a faint touch of herbs.

The oil formula comprises of hazelnut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, shea butter, etc., It has the best moisturizing effect which gently cleanses the skin. Although the formula is designed for mothers, it’s suitable for most people as well, as it’s a very mild and moisturizing soap!

Ingredients: Hazelnut oil, olive oil, shea butter, coconut oil, avocado oil, palm oil, rice bran oil, sodium hydroxide, purified water, Blumea Balsamifera (Sambong), wormwood, aged ginger

Weight: 100g

Origin: Hsinchu, Taiwan. 100% handmade








油品配方使用滋潤效果最好的榛果油、橄欖油、酪梨油、乳油木果脂等,溫和的潔淨肌膚。雖說配方是為產婦設計,當然一般人也可以用^^ 很溫和滋潤的一塊皂!

原料 全成分:榛果油、橄欖油、乳油木果脂、椰子油、酪梨油、棕櫚油、米糠油、氫氧化鈉、純水、大風草、艾草、老薑