Tokki's Story



As a rabbit, how does Tokki look for environmentally-friendly products for everyone?

Tokki: "Officially, my mama (my hooman, my slave) is responsible for the procurement at the later stage. I am only responsible for providing her inspirations, so that she has enough ideas to search for nice eco-friendly daily products. She said that without me, she wouldn’t be inspired at all. That’s why I am literally an important member of the purchasing department."


How you inspired your mama?

Tokki: “Ever since she started living with me, she gradually learnt the real meaning of a green life.”


And what is the real meaning of a green life?

Tokki: "In fact, it's just some of our innate attitudes towards life. We are born to know how to coexist with the earth, but mama said that hoomans have long forgotten to protect it. To cite some examples ─ we like vegetarian food, and we don't make too much carbon emissions and wastes in our lives. No matter what we eat or use on our body, we all prefer them to be cruelty free and have no additive. We all have been pursuing a sustainable life. Mama believes that the true meaning of green life is hidden in our daily aspects. Everyone is willing to make some small changes in daily life, and they will realize that they are actually much more powerful than they think. Isn’t this the butterfly effect that everyone is so familiar with?”


And that’s how Tokki Eco Life is born.