Joyhuglee Handmade Soap — Natural Soap for Cats


This soap is made of fresh Mexican mint, and contains mainly expensive neem oil. These two plant-based ingredients can help with a lot of skin issues, such as insect bites, inflammation and acne

This formula is dedicated specifically to cats, that’s why its extent of cleaning power is reduced, while its moisturizing effect is enhanced (actually, this formula can be used on human beings too)

《Point to pay attention to》

Due to the weak alkaline formula, it’s harmless for your pet’s skin, but you should still avoid the foam to get into contact with your cat’s eyes, as it’ll cause a sharp pain if it does! When using the soap, avoid the face and forehead, and don’t let the soap water get into contact with the eyes 

This pet soap is made especially for cats, and since they are sensitive to essential oils, they have not been added in the soap. For use on dogs, please select pet soap for Dogs instead

Of course, if your dog is relatively sensitive and tender, then this cat soap is also suitable 

Ingredients: Neem oil, coconut oil, olive oil, sesame oil, palm oil, castor oil, sodium hydroxide, purified water, fresh homegrown Mexican mint

Weight: 105g 

Origin: Hsinchu, Taiwan. 100% handmade










原料 全成分:苦楝油、椰子油、橄欖油、芝麻油、棕櫚油、蓖麻油、氫氧化鈉、純水、新鮮左手香