Joyhuglee Handmade Soap — Aleppo


Joyhuglee Handmade Soap — Aleppo is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

A six-star moisturizing soap!

An ancient formula that is said to originate in Syria

Laurus nobilis fruit oil is very expensive, and the cost of this soap is twice as much as other soaps…

Therefore, people often say that Aleppo soap is both ancient and precious, and its price is always astounding!

However, we do not want handmade soap to become a luxury product that becomes hard to get. We only adjust the price of this soap based on the change of its cost, and we hope that everyone can have a good soap that suits their lifestyle perfectly!

Ingredients: Olive oil, high portion of laurus nobilis fruit oil, shea butter, coconut oil, palm oil, sodium hydroxide, purified water

With no essential oil added, the soap itself has a pleasant grass-like smell of laurus nobilis fruit oil (the smell is hard to be described very precisely).

Weight: 100g

Origin: Hsinchu, Taiwan. 100% handmade









原料 全成分:橄欖油、高成份月桂果油、乳油木果脂、椰子油、棕櫚油、氫氧化鈉、純水

沒有添加精油,皂本身有月桂果油聞起來很舒服的青草味 (有點難形容的味道)