SGS Certified Gaga Straw Set (MIT!)



SGS Certified Reusable Straw (Double Straw Set)

GAGA Straw is reusable with the simplest way to wash!  You can wash it without using any brush, just unlock the straw into two halves (left and right) and just lock them back after washing.  It’s just that easy.


Product Information

  • Size: 210x8mm
  • Weight: 8g
  • Materials: Food grade recycled polypropylene
  • Temperature Tolerance: 0-70℃ liquid
  • Wash Instruction: 0-70℃ water or with dishwashing liquid. Do not use spot washer or any other steel brush to clean it, otherwise the surface might be damaged
  • 100% recyclable
  • Duration: 10 years
  • 100% Made in Taiwan



  • Ideal for ages 5-65
  • The straw can be used for more than 500 times under normal usage
  • Please do not overheat the straw and expose it under the sun to avoid change of shape
  • The end of the straw is sharp and can be dangerous, please do not allow children using it without guidance








  • 尺吋: 210x8mm
  • 重量: 8g
  • 原料: 聚丙烯PP (食品可接觸級)
  • 耐熱: 0-70℃ 液體
  • 清潔: 0-70℃ 清水或洗劑清洗,勿用菜瓜布或其他硬物體清洗
  • 回收: 100%可回收
  • 產地: 100%台灣製造
  • 保存限期: 10年



  • 適用年齡: 5-65歲
  • 使用壽命: 正常操作下,可用500次或以上,初次使用及每次使用前請先清洗乾淨
  • 請勿外力彎或高温烘烤、陽光直射,避免變形。
  • 產品尖銳部位,勿讓孩童誤放入口或作為玩具,以免危險
  • 本產品屬個人衞生用品,商品一經拆封如恕無法退換