Joyhuglee Handmade Soap — Natural Soap for Dogs


【Warning】It is a pet soap containing essential oils, specifically made for dogs, and it should never be used on cats or smaller animals. For cats, please select our “Joyhuglee Mexican Mint and Neem Soap for cats” instead.

This soap is made with fresh Mexican Mint, and the main oil formula is with expensive neem oil. These two plant-based ingredients can help a lot of skin problems, such as insect bites, inflammation and acne. In terms of the essential oils used, which are tea tree, mint, and eucalyptus essential oils, they are also targeted at the skin of animals to increase (slightly) the effect of prevention of bugs and sterilization.

For dogs with skin issues or which scratch themselves all the time, this is the soap that will surely help ! People who have tried it before all became our main customers.

There are two formulas:
In general, it is recommended to choose the "general type". If you often need to take a shower for your dogs or you’re worried about drying their skin, you can opt for the “slight oil removal” type.

【Attention】Handmade soap is weakly alkaline, and it is harmless for the skin, but you should still avoid the foam to get into contact with your dog’s eyes, as it’ll cause a sharp pain if it does! When using the soap, avoid the face and forehead, and don’t let the soap water get into contact with the eyes.

Ingredients: Coconut oil, neem oil, olive oil, sesame oil, palm oil, castor oil, sodium hydroxide, purified water, tea tree oil, mint oil, eucalyptus oil, lavender oil, Mexican mint.

Weight: 105g

Origin: Hsinchu, Taiwan. 100% handmade







一般狀況建議選 "通用型",經常洗澡或是擔心皮膚太乾的話,可以選擇 "低度去油"


原料 全成分:椰子油、苦楝油、橄欖油、芝麻油、棕櫚油、蓖麻油、氫氧化鈉、純水、茶樹精油、薄荷精油、尤加利精油、薰衣草精油、新鮮左手香