La-boos Bamboo Toothbrush (for Kids)

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Continuing the good quality of LA-BOOS Nylon Bamboo Toothbrush, a natural toothbrush especially designed for your children.


A fat, small brush head, comfortable for brushing their small mouth.

Super soft PBT bristles, which can massage the gums and make teeth grow more quickly.

A round handle, suitable for all chubby, little hands to hold.

  • Extremely thin and smooth brush head: the small and curved brush head makes it very easy to brush your teeth and to clean everywhere of your mouth.
  • BPA-free bristles: the advanced soft PBT bristles can protect your gums from bleeding or being scratched.
  • Overall waterproof nature: you can use it like a normal toothbrush. You can grip the handle easily and it’s suitable for all hand shapes. It almost never breaks.
  • Your love and care for the earth starts with the way you brush your teeth: there are 7.7 billion people in the world. The plastic toothbrushes produced every day has seriously polluted our planet.
  • Even with toothbrushes in boxes, we still use 80% recycled materials.
  • We work with small details with our  natural bamboo toothbrushes. We hope that you and your family can be surrounded by a nice environment, and that you can brush your teeth comfortably.
Materials used: natural bamboo, super soft PBT hair brush
Size: 12.5cm
Origin: 100% made in Taiwan


  • No animal ingredients (good for use for vegan)
  • Colorful and waterproof, without any formaldehyde and heavy metals
  • Packaging: 80% recycled materials

Notes for use:

  • Clean bristles after brushing
  • Dry it, and don't let too much water stay on it. Place it in a ventilated place (it is recommended to put the bamboo toothbrush on the diatomaceous earth hygroscopic toothbrush stand that we sell to keep it fresh.)
  • Dentists recommend changing your toothbrush every three months to ensure oral hygiene




延續 樂舖「好好竹刷牙」的優良品質,專為您的小朋友設計的天然牙刷

  • 圓胖弧形把手,適合手所有 肉肉的小手
  • 極細且光滑的刷頭:細小且彎曲的刷頭,讓您舒服刷牙,更輕鬆將口腔內每個角落刷洗乾淨
  • 不含BPA的刷毛:使用高級柔軟PBT刷毛,保護您的牙齦不流血或刮傷
  • 整體防水處理:您可以像一般牙刷一樣使用它。把手非常好握,適合各式各樣的手形,而且永不斷裂
  • 愛護地球從每天刷牙做起:全世界有77億人口,每天製造出來的塑膠牙刷垃圾,已經嚴重污染我們的地球
  • 即使是包裝盒,我們仍採用80%的回收原料製成
  • 一樣是天然竹牙刷,但我們從細節處著手,希望讓愛環保的您和家人,可以天天舒服的刷牙!



  • 沒有動物性成分(Vegan可用)
  • 色彩與防水,不含任何甲醛與重金屬
  • 包裝盒 : 80%回收原料製成


  • 刷牙後清潔刷毛
  • 甩乾它,不要讓水殘留太多,擺放於通風處 (建議放竹牙刷在我們售賣的珪藻土吸濕牙刷座便可保持清爽!)
  • 牙醫師建議每三個月更換牙刷,以確保口腔衛生