Yuantai Feel Good Nylon Bamboo Toothbrush (for Kids)

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Origin: Zhushan Town, Nantou County, Taiwan

Bamboo materials: Meng Zong bamboo found in Nantou County (for over 3 years)

Material of the brush head: nylon hair (with an appropriate softness)

Specifications of the brush head: width 1.1 cm, length 15 cm

No chemical steaming, boiling, bleaching has been involved in the manufacturing process, and no preservatives are used.

Anti-mildew application: mushrooms (mold) would be the issue that our customers worry the most. To ensure the peace of mind of our customers, we are using an EU-certified, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and water-based coatings. The following items have already passed their inspection:

✔ SGS inspection

✔ Eight heavy metals test

✔ Formaldehyde test

✔ Fluorescent test

✔ Sulfur dioxide test

✔ Antibacterial test

Notes for use:

  • Clean bristles after brushing
  • Dry it, and don't let too much water stay on it. Place it in a ventilated place (it is recommended to put the bamboo toothbrush on the diatomaceous earth hygroscopic toothbrush stand that we sell to keep it fresh
  • Dentists recommend changing your toothbrush every three months to ensure oral hygiene




產地介紹: 台灣南投縣竹山鎮
竹材介紹: 採用南投縣在地孟宗竹(3年以上)
刷頭材質: 採用尼龍毛 (軟硬適中)
刷頭規格: 頭寬 1.1 cm 長度 15 cm

防霉施作: 生菇 (發霉) 是大家最在意的問題,我們使用歐盟認證無毒環保水性塗料,讓消費者安心使用。已通過檢測項目:

✔ SGS檢驗
✔ 八大重金屬
✔ 甲醛測試
✔ 螢光劑測試
✔ 二氧化硫測試
✔ 抗菌測試


  • 刷牙後清潔刷毛
  • 甩乾它,不要讓水殘留太多,擺放於通風處 (建議放竹牙刷在我們售賣的珪藻土吸濕牙刷座便可保持清爽!)
  • 牙醫師建議每三個月更換牙刷,以確保口腔衛生

產地/製造方式:100% 台灣製造 手工成型